An effective method of observation immediately applicable on your different places of intervention

A method based on precise and targeted observation of body language (non-verbal, para verbal and verbal)

A method that makes it possible to anticipate and prevent the possible premeditated assault or loss of control


Companies or individuals, train yourself to the detection of risk behaviors.
Our training in the detection of risk behaviors makes it possible to acquire observation reflexes which considerably improves safety and security.

You will learn to identify and manage these risk behaviors while adapting the right attitude according to the degree of threat that has been assessed.
This training is offered to the various police, intelligence, customs, law enforcement agencies.

It can be applied and used successfully on all public places such as train/bus stations, airports, festivals, nightlife, private surveillance...

If the group is working in a very specific area, we will focus our training on this specialization.
A training intended for all professionals from the security / safety field who wish to acquire new observation reflexes and obtain certification in the detection of risky behaviour.

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1 day / training package

12 people

In your office

1 day / training package

12 people

Geneva, Brussels, Paris, Montreal

On demand


Increase your professional skills and get employability.
Following the training you have attended, we will issue you a certificate of participation.

An interest and an effective participation to the training cours followed by a success of 75% or more in the final evaluation test will grant you a DCR certification.


Take advantage of the presence of our experts for a complete on site analysis in your public or private areas.
Every day we are faced directly or indirectly with potentially dangerous people.

For an enhanced monitoring and / or supervision, our experts work directly on site or in control centers.

We analyze live situations, video recordings and we can offer to participate in interrogations in various situations.


We remain at your disposal to answer your request.



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